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Is it (finally) time for your own new, revitalized, or re-designed private massage practice?

When it’s time for your private practice, where do you even begin? What decisions do you need to make? What order should you do things in? What if you forget something?

Overwhelming, isn’t it?

So don’t go it alone. The First 2 Years coaching program exists for exactly this reason: to walk with you through this journey, showing you the way, providing the basics-of-business education you might never have gotten, and encouraging you every step of the way.

The first two years are the key. If you can get through them in an organized, informed, and supported way you are solidly on your way to the practice you fantasize about.

What if you’ve got a private practice but it’s only limping along? The First 2 Years will work for you as well.

Have you been in practice for a while and now it’s time to take a new direction? Maybe a direction new enough that it feels like starting over? The First 2 Years is for you too.

Wondering what the First 2 Years coaching program actually gives you?

3.5 Steps to Private Practice

3.5 Steps to Private Practice

This 14-CE course walks you through defining, designing, and delivering your massage practice. Specifically, it walks you through the 3 dozen decisions you need to make as a business owner. From mission to marketing plan, you’ll finish this course with a concrete plan for your private practice.

This course is taught 1:1 over Zoom over the course of 6 weeks.

2 Years of Business Coaching

2 Years of Business Coaching

Every quarter for two years you and I will be meeting over Zoom to review your progress, your stuck points, your goals, and how to keep you moving forward. One-on-one we’ll be taking a detailed look at your progress so you can keep progressing.

And if that’s not happening we’ll figure out why and how we get you moving forward again.

Basics-of-Business Online Courses

Basics-of-Business Online Courses

One dozen online courses designed to give you the basics-of-business education you may not have had access to so far. All presented in massage therapist-friendly ways.

  • Bookkeeping basics
  • Taxes
  • Deductions
  • Checking business health
  • Marketing
  • Contracts
  • Business plans
  • Business ethics
  • Customer service
  • Rates
  • Discounts
  • Conflict with compassion
Monthly Email Support

Monthly Email Support

Between the quarterly coaching sessions, I’ll also be keeping in touch by email. No, I’m not going to fill your email with daily over-excited marketing messages. Monthly I’ll check in to just see how you’re doing. The quarterly coaching sessions are about you being a business person. The monthly emails are about you just being a person who may need some encouragement along the way.

Basics-of-Business Books

Basics-of-Business Books

You’ll receive a complimentary copy of three books that were specifically written for the business of massage.

  • The Accidental Business Owner: an intro to the business of massage
  • Can I Deduct That?: everything you need to know about taxes and deductions
  • Between Doormat & Diva: the secrets to excellent customer service.

Meet Your Coach

Kelly Bowers has been teaching and writing about the business of massage since 2003. Like the best things in her life, she fell into it completely accidentally and discovered it suited her.

The student reviews of her classes sometimes threaten to make her head swell but what she finds most gratifying is when a student gets “that look” on their face; the look that says “oh, maybe I can do this!” She believes that if you made it through massage school, the national exam, and the aggravation of getting a license you can absolutely learn the basics of running a healthy massage private practice. She promises it’s less complicated than the musculature of the forearm (which she never really mastered).

She’s taught business as both a professional training program instructor and as an NCBTMB-approved provider of continuing education. She’s also the author of four popular business-of-massage books. She’s been writing business articles for Massage Magazine since 2020.

Her approach is friendly, practical, and based in the real world of being a massage therapist. Because she was a massage therapist from 2000 – 2022.

But first....

I won’t waste your time or your money. If I’m not the right fit for you, I’ll tell you and I’ll point you to someone I think can help you.

So rather than asking you to “sign up now!” I’m going to ask you to “talk to me first”.

Let’s make sure we can create success for you together.