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Friendly Reading For Business

Because business books can be practical, easy to read, and friendly

Can I Deduct That?

Can you deduct shoes? Massages? A home office? What’s the mileage rate for this year? Am I losing money by not taking all my deductions? Am I taking deductions that aren’t allowed? Do you get confused about what you are (or aren’t) allowed to take as a business deduction? What do you put on your tax form? What goes in your bookkeeping? If you are a massage therapist, this book is your answer!

Don’t panic. This book answers all those questions and more. You can’t ask for a simpler (or better) guide to deductions for massage therapists. It also includes tons of information about quarterly taxes, bookkeeping, incorporation, audits, hiring an accountant, and things you’ve never even thought of.

Easy to read, easy to use, friendly, and accurate. It should be on the shelf of every self-employed massage therapist and should be given as a gift to every accountant who works with massage therapists!

You can ask for a better resource for answering the eternal question “can I deduct that?”.

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The Accidental Business Owner

A practical and easily accessible guide for bodyworkers and movement teachers, including massage therapists and all other complementary therapists, to the setting up and running of a private practice in order to make it into a successful business.

This book is for people who wish they didn’t need this book; for people who wish that their passion for their work was all they need to run a business but have learned that it is not. This book provides guidance to give the reader a head for business while maintaining their heart for their work.

Filled with practical real-world explanations of basic business skills, it is written with warmth, humor, and an appreciation for the heart-led work of everyone in the health and wellness world. From bookkeeping to financing, business plans to contracts, the reader will find answers to the most basic questions: where do I start and how do I do that?

When you love your healing work and need to learn how to run your business this book is the friend you need.

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The Affordable Massage Handbook

You want to make massage more accessible by making it more affordable. But ideally without breaking your bank. It can be done! Let this book show you how to make a thoughtful sustainable decision that fits the specifics of your motivations, your practice, and your values. A dozen different ways to do it with pros and cons listed. The 2nd edition also covers the ethics of affordable massage with input from industry experts.

Don’t just have a successful practice, have a practice that lets you live out your highest compassionate values while still taking care of you.

Because, as always, your massages take care of other people; your business takes care of you.

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Between Doormat & Diva

The secret to retaining clients is great customer service. But great customer service is so much more than cucumber water and hot towels. The best customer service takes care of your clients and takes care of you. Without that balance, you cannot grow and thrive in your massage practice. Learn how to do customer service authentically, honoring your highest values.

Great customer service is about building a relationship with your clients, both on and off the table. The best relationship is somewhere between doormat (“I have to do whatever they want to keep them from leaving!”) and diva (“I don’t have to do anything because they need me!”). It’s that sweet spot of truly awesome customer service and a robust healthy practice.

This book will help you see how to consider customer service in every aspect of the client relationship because paying attention to customer service — in large and small ways — creates a practice you can be proud of. Best of all, great customer service leads to a robust healthy financially-solid practice, which is what we all want.

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