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Healing Arts
Business Academy

Because your massages take care of other people.
But your business takes care of you.

We help healing arts practitioners bring their magic to the greatest number of people to help heal humanity through helping them set up private practices that are authentic, healthy, and satisfying. Practices that work for your unique and specific needs.

The first two years in private practice are the most important. How you start is how you will proceed and we help you start right, right from the start.  Once you’re open for business, we have the tools to help you be a smart and focused business owner.

Yes, you are a business owner, even if it’s just you and your skilled hands.

What We Offer

We are, in our hearts, educators. Our offerings show you how to be the business person you need to be to have a practice you will love. This is done through educational tools — books, online courses, and one-on-one training opportunities — that are based on the reality of massage therapists. It’s all based on real-world experience and taught in plain language with compassion and humor.

The focus of all of our offerings are the fundamentals of business that most of us didn’t get in school. We help build the foundation that you can build upon as you need to.


Online Courses


Why do we do this? Because….

Our massages take care of other people.

Our businesses take care of us.